ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Masterpost


So I’ve collected many videos of famous people doin the IBC, which is a great way to be involved into donation for a good cause. To know more about ALS and to make a donation ► Here

50 Cent

5th Harmony

Adam Lambert

Adam Sandler

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandro Del Piero


just to recap real quick

  • harry barely made the age cutoff
  • it was the first year they had ireland auditions
  • liam came back and auditioned again
  • louis came back and auditioned again too
  • zayn’s mom literally dragged him out of bed
  • liam and niall went to the same football game
  • zayn and louis went for same job
  • harry and louis went to the same script concert
  • niall and louis went to the same busted concert



Wrapped around your finger and if you don’t know are not appreciated enough

1D backstage after the first WWAT show probably

Niall: Did you hear them when I rubbed my junk? I'm gonna do that every time!
Liam: Positive reactions on the beard, mates. I'm keeping it.
Harry: I quite like spitting water all over myself.
Louis: I'll just continue to stand completely still and look vaguely upset and/or bored.
Zayn: *already gone*


from this..


to this..




i remember song lyrics from my favorite songs 5 years ago but i don’t remember what i learned in school yesterday


oh no a boy doesnt like my apperance whatever will i do

Niall taking Liam’s goals very seriously +

Happy 3 years of Little Mix! 

What happens backstage